Thursday, 6 July 2017

5 Summer Trends You Can Buy Right Now

It's finally that time again! I usually do these trend posts a bit earlier but this year I thought I'd wait until the trends actually make it from the runways to the shops so that they are available for you to buy. As well as this, it's hard to know which trends the high street stores will actually pick up, so after seeing these trends at fashion week a while ago, they are now beginning to pop up in stores. These are a few of my favourites which you don't have to stretch your budget for.

The Eighties

You either love or hate the eighties but I personally love it. Garish, bold and a little tacky - what's not to love? Joking aside, this trend is great if you want to stand out and is perfect for a party or night out. Think sequins, statement earrings, metallic and all the styles that defined that decade.


Tulle was everywhere on the runway for Summer '17, and recently I've seen it all over the highstreet, especially skirts in New Look! It's surprisingly a really versatile piece as it can be used in so many different styles. Pair a tulle skirt with a beaded, embellished top for a summer wedding, or partner with a band tee and boots for a more edgy look.

The Shirt 

The white shirt has been revamped for this season, with a more deconstructed feel. Go for tie wrap poplin shirts, off the shoulder shirts and ruffled sleeves which are in almost every shop at the minute. In my opinion, Zara does this trend best, but New Look have great budget options.


Stripes are in almost every summer, and this year is no exception. Nautical stripes were a running theme throughout which is great as this pattern is a classic staple that never really goes out of style so it's likely that you already have it in your wardrobe. However if you want to stand out a little more, bold stripes along with bold colours are quite popular.

Graphic Tees

After the iconic feminist tees debuted from Dior, everywhere went crazy with the graphic tees. Topshop have the greatest range I've seen out of everywhere and there's something for everyone, whether you like a bold font or a cute little embroidered phrase on the pocket of your tee.

What's your favourite trend for the summer?
xo, Orlagh


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